Missionary John Hemus shares his personal testimony. Describing how our incredible God can make incredible things out of seemingly nothing. Forgiveness is the major theme of this message, and how it unlocks the possibilities that God has planned for our lives!

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The Eleventh Hour Church - Terry Shock

January 24, 2013

Terry Shock speaks to Because of the Times in 2013 on the 11th Hour Church. Great message about how God wants to do a powerful work TODAY! (This is a guest speaker message on our podcast.) If you would like to schedule Rev. or Mrs. Shock please go to their website: http://kqministries.net

Jesus Gravity - A.J. Dummitt

January 23, 2011

Jesus Gravity - Pastor A.J. Dummitt talks about how we must LIFT JESUS UP for His magnetism to truly affect those around us. (Jesus draws people to Himself).

Text: John 3:13-15 / Numbers 21:5-9 / John 12:32-36