Pastor A.J. Dummitt - If we truly understand/know how to praise God, there is NO problem or cirucmstance that can defeat us or keep us down!

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Praise Through Satan’s Door

April 22, 2018

Many People deal with physical PTSD, but just as many or more are suffering from Spiritual PTSD. Preaching that encourages us to praise through Satan's Door, and not let the strongholds he wants to place in our minds remain. - Pastor A.J. Dummitt

In The Kingdom of God, The Rules Do Not Apply - Rev. Brian Abernathy

April 15, 2018

In this special missions service for receiving Faith Promise, Rev. Brian Abernathy preaches about why "In the Kingdom of God, the Rules Do Not Apply!" Your faith will be increased through this message about how awesome our God is.

WHY! - Rev. Brian Abernathy

April 15, 2018

Rev. Brian Abernathy (UPCI Global Missions Promotional Director) gives Biblical and personal reasons that we spread the Gospel around the world! Sunday - April 15, 2018

Jesus Is Alive - That Changes Everything

April 5, 2018

Pastor A.J. Dummitt talks about the evidence that proves that Jesus is Alive. Then invites everyone to experience the proof for themselves, because Jesus truly is ALIVE, and that changes everything!

ALIVE - Jesus is Alive Today, That Changes Everything

April 3, 2018

At our Louisville Campus, Pastor A.J. Dummitt explains how that because Jesus is Alive, we have HOPE! Experience it for yourself, you don't have to just take someone's word for it!